Integrated management of access points

X1, X2 and X3 are able to completely manage all statuses (alarm, break in, forced lock, transit that did not occur, etc.) of a door or turnstile.

Wide range of I/O and high security
  • 1 relay on board (for door opening or siren activation at programmable times);
  • 2 inputs on board;
  • Expandable I/O via optional boards which can be installed in a protected area making relays and inputs inaccessible and thus guaranteeing the safe management of the controlled access point.
    • X1 and X2: up to 2 optional NeoMAX boards (each with 2 relays and 2 inputs) which can be connected to the RS485 port for a total of 5 relays and 6 inputs, for the complete management of a door or turnstile.
    • X3: up to 8 optional boards in combination of I/O, readers and keypads. Installing only FD-NeoMAX there is a total of up to 17 relays and 18 inputs, for the complete management of 8 doors or 4 turnstiles.

Up to 3 readers can be connected

An internal reader and two external readers. One of the readers can be biometric with fingerprint enrolment capacity directly from the terminal (via FingerBox applied under the terminal). Configurable reader interfaces: Clk&Data, Serial, Wiegand. The tracking and decoding of each reader can be defined independently.


Does not require a middleware in small installations

The customisable record format and ability to automatically send transaction records to the FTP server in a scheduled manner allows X1, X2 and X3 to be used directly with any software.

Ethernet 10/100 POE and Battery One cable for data and power supply.Up to one hour of operation with no power.

External USB 2.0 port

For copying transaction records to a memory stick; password protected.

Standard communication protocols

HTTP and FTP. HTTPS only on X3. X1, X2 and X3 do not require DLL for integration.

GPRS modem

A version with integrated GPRS modem is available for all models.

Other advantages of the X3

Touch Screen

With the same compact size as its predecessors, X3 has not only a numeric keypad but also a touch-screen interface making use more intuitive.

Color graphic display

The large 4.2’’ color display with resolution 480x272 pixel ofers detailed, well-defined reproduction of the screens, to view the transactions and enter the selectable reasons with a simple touch.

Integrated access point management

X3 manages all states (alarm, breach, forced lock, failed pass, etc.) of 8 swing doors or 4 turnstiles via the 8 optional boards.


Multiple access point management

X3 is able to fully manage a multi-access point control system, with a wide range of optional devices which can control, individually or in combination:

  • FD-NeoMax (with 2 relays and 2 inputs and a connector for 1 reader);
  • FD-RFID4K (RF reader with numeric keypad for PIN, IP65 and knock-resistant);
  • FD-RFID4 (RF reader, IP65 and knock-resistant);
  • XFinger (biometric fingerprint reader);
  • AX BIO (biometric reader with button for b Ticino electrical box)
  • AX RF (RF reader with button for b Ticino electrical box).

Standard communication protocols HTTPS to guarantee safe and encrypted communication with the server.


RF5 multi-technology reader

X3 features the RF5 multi-technology reader, able to read the following cards:

  • 125 kHz EM4102 and compatible,
  • 56 MHz Mifare: Ultralight, Classic 1K, 4K, Classic EV1 1K, DESFIRE.
  • 14443A
  • tag NFC Forum

The RF5 Reader can be configured for one-way use (entry or exit) or two-way use (entry and exit on two ends of the reader).

X3, simultaneously reading 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technology, provides significant benefits in mixed technology environments or when changing card technology.

More information in the product data sheet attachment.
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