Buttonhole machines and racks for cards

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Drilling and slotting are two processes that allow the badge to be attached directly to a lanyard or clip without the use of a badge holder.
Buttonhole: a buttonhole is an oval hole of various sizes and dimensions, applied directly onto PVC. Due to its enlarged shape, it is typically used with a clip, to be affixed to a dress or attached to lanyards with special hooks.
Drilling: the hole is a small circle with a diameter of approximately 4-5 mm (or 2-3 mm) applied directly onto the PVC. This diameter allows the card to be used with a key ring and enables it to remain solid and durable. The card perforation is also applied to tri-cards.


If the badge holder and lanyard are unnecessary or even inconvenient in certain areas, the solution for 'storing' cards could be a rack. Infordata Sistemi offers you various types of solutions: with vertical or horizontal insertion, for 10 cards or 40 cards, in metal or plastic. They are lightweight and easily attached to the wall with a nail.

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