AX BIO KIT - Biometric door opener with Mifare reader - white

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AX BIO is a biometric fingerprint terminal that allows control of doors and alarm systems.

  • White Door opener with button
  • Optical biometric reader (9590 templates)
  • MIFARE reader
  • Colour: white

The kit is composed by:

  • 1 I/O board
  • 26 badges: 6 programming, 10 user, 10 manager
€841.80 €690.00

AX BIO Biometric Terminal

Complete System, All in One Box

AX BIO is a stand-alone high-security system for door access control and activation/deactivation of the alarm system, employing advanced identification and security technologies.

It offers 4 identification modes: 1:N identification (fingerprint only), 1:1 verification with fingerprint storage (fingerprint + RF MIFARE card), 1:1 verification with card storage (fingerprint + RF MIFARE card), or MIFARE card only.

Ready to Use

A ready-to-use device that can be easily installed in standard switch boxes.


Functions as a doorbell, biometric door opener, complete high-security passage control (thanks to remote relay), alarm system arming/disarming, and secondary relay activation.

Integrated with XAtlas

AX BIO can be configured to function as a component of the XAtlas system. In this case, it is connected as a slave to a system controller.

Stand Alone

No PC or connection required. Device configuration and user addition are done through the system card.

Night&Day Function

With the Night&Day function, different security levels can be managed based on time frames. For example, recognition modes associations (e.g., biometric and card) can be set, or different access authorizations or alarm control can be assigned according to the subject.

Feature Set:

  • Complete control of a swing door passage (door status, exit button, lock, alarm);
  • Alarm control: arming and disarming;
  • Secondary relay opening/closing: activated only by certain users or fingerprints.

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