Impinj Matchbox - RFID UHF Antenna

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The Matchbox antenna is very small in size and is able to detect tags in confined spaces, up to 5 cm away, even in the presence of liquids or packaging.

  • Environment: Indoor
  • Gain: -4.2 dBA/m
  • Polarization: Linear
  • Read Range: Near Field
  • RFID Frequency: UHF
  • €330.45

    Impinj Matchbox RFID Antenna


    Impinj's MatchBox reader antenna is the ideal antenna for demanding item level applications that require reading tags at distances up to 5 cm.

    Typical applications include access control, ticketing, document control, high-speed encoding stations, packaging lines, and any situation that requires high reliability with a constrained read zone.

    The MatchBox antenna, by virtue of its optimized near-field performance, is virtually immune to the effects of liquids, powders, packaging, etc.

    The MatchBox antenna works for applications where standard antennas may fail, such as membership cards, blister packs, pill bottles, liquid-filled containers, and even tags floating in water.

    Read Zone Characteristics

    The MatchBox antenna emits RF energy from both the top and bottom surfaces. Tags are essentially unreadable beyond 5 cm from the antenna surface.

  • Ideal for short-range singulation of individual UHF tags (Strong near-field performance enables reading item tags to 5 cm away)
  • Near-field design penetrates liquids and most metals
  • Perfect for use with very small tag inlays featuring near field antennas
  • Small size: 73 mm x 33 mm x 12 mm
  • Confined read zone to minimize stray reads
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